Professional Services at R&R Repair LLC

Services at R&R Repair LLC. Are best described as a one stop shop. We are able to help diagnose fix and repair your baler and wire tie systems with incredibly fast turnaround times. Our staff is highly trained in every aspect of these complex systems. We are able to repair each part of the baler to restore it to the hard working condition it was originally built for.

We service the machine body, sheet metal, hydraulic systems, cylinders, electronics and panel repairs.

If you are having trouble finding the parts for your machine to service it yourself. Please do not hesitate to call or contact us anytime.

  • Maintenance Programs– We can complete maintenance anytime. Annually, bi-annually, or quarterly.
  • Safety Inspections– Don’t let your machines cost you thousands of dollars in a situation where someone gets hurt. Think safety first. We are trained professionals and know baler systems and operations.
  • Baler Cylinder Repair– Balers usually have at least one cylinder, if it is leaking hydraulic fluid, your baler will not work as well as it could, it will cost you money.
  • Repairing Damaged Compactor Structures– This steel takes a beating and we can help you with that problem. We have access to making these machines operate and look like they did when new.
  • Baler Parts Network– Not in Minnesota? We can still help you. Contact Us for more information on how we can help provide an economical parts solution for your baler system.

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