Used Balers in Minnesota

Looking for a used baler? We buy, repair and sell most makes and models. There are too many industries to list but we are sure that we cover them all. All of our used balers that we sell are throughly cleaned, inspected, welded, reinforced and painted. The common wear components are replaced as well as routine maintenance is performed. Systems from R & R Repair are better than new when completed. If you have cardboard, plastic/shrink wrap, high grades, E-waste, non-ferrous metals, or aluminum/bi-metal cans, recycling, we can service and support your baler.

Two Ram Balers

Two Ram Balers are one of the most common in the industry. We have the most experience handling these systems and for good reason. The proper reconditioning of these two ram systems is critical to your daily operation and we are here to assist you in all aspects.

Vertical Balers

Vertical Balers are used when space is tight. Sometimes these present problems when it comes time to service them. We are able to handle these problems easily and with precision. We will work with you on a maintenance schedule that meets your needs.

Closed Door Balers

Sorting and Sifting through recyclable materials is one thing but baling them for transport is another. We are experts at servicing Closed Door Systems for efficient use of time and money. Maximize your profit by letting us help you with your closed door baler system.

Hydraulic Systems

We are specialists in hydraulic repair for baler systems. This includes cylinders, hoses, power units, motors and pumps. We work closely with suppliers to make replacements of these components easy and cost effective.

Electrical Panels

Often Baler Systems have complex electrical panels and can confuse those not familiar with the circuitry. We have a network of expert electricians that can help you diagnose your problem quickly and the parts on hand to fix them.

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